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CBT Coaching, The Journey Process

As a Journey Practitioner (for deeper emotional clearing) and Life Coach (CBT Coaching) my main areas of practice are in Barnet, North London, also North West London but only on Skype or Zoom during this period of Covid-19.

It has been said that “For things to change, you have to change” …because… “if you always do as you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.

It may sound harsh, but it is easy to blame others or external factors and wanting them to change, when actually we might be playing a part in the ‘problem’. Becoming aware of this can be key in the process of change.

Being willing to take a look at our part - our approach, our reactions, what we allow, what we resist, how we communicate (even our tone of voice!) - may feel uncomfortable, however, it can be the start to things changing for the better.

Blaming others prevents us from taking responsibility for the choices we have made (even if it’s to go along with something we didn’t want to do) and can keep us in 'helpless', “not my fault”, victim or martyr mode.

At the other end of the spectrum is the need to be in control. This may result in reluctant compliance, resistance or resentment and cause difficulties in personal and professional relationships.

Working with me will support you to address issues from different angles, whether it’s clearing out underlying emotions and limiting beliefs that drive behaviour (such as fear, anxiety, unworthiness, lack of confidence), or understanding and using healthier more assertive, encouraging, listening ways of communicating.

All of these are powerful tools for self-transformation to get us more of what we want (and less of what we don’t want) in our relationships, our work and other aspects of our lives.

How I can help you?

I will work with you to de stress and:

• free you from emotions that you are struggling with
• change patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you
• remove emotions that hold you back
• identify self-limiting beliefs that are causing you to feel bad or keep you stuck
• change negative thoughts into empowering, positive outlooks about yourself, your abilities and your life.

My aim is to enable you:

  • to bring about powerful personal change by freeing you from emotions (conscious or unconscious) that cause you stress and pain and drive the behaviours that affect you in your daily life
  • to transform the aspects of your life that you wish to change so that you can move on to a better and brighter future

    To contact me call 07886791 689 or email using the link at the top

    Combining CBT Life Coaching with The Journey Process can be a powerful way to deal with painful emotions, grief, loss, stress, depression, addiction and other issues which you may be facing.

    Sessions are held close to North London, North West London, Central London and over Skype.

    Find me on Google by searching for journey practitioner north london or life coaching barnet.

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